February 27th, 2007

Music, a toppling, clamoring mess … I’ll go to the store to buy an iced tea or something and suddenly — like that — a melody, a little infant Athena-ed into my head, and I almost turn around to go home and sing it into my tape recorder before I lose it, but I’m lazy, and overconfident, so I walk on, down peaceful quiet streets, hurrying before the melody unfolds into a shape I won’t be able to remember, and all of a sudden, crash, noise blaring around me, the world conspiring to distract me from my little useless ditty, like someone saying ’6, 4,14,2,4′ when you’re trying to count to ten, cars honking, old women grousing, little kids bleating and stamping, dogs yapping, manholes clanking, landscapers buzzsawing and mulching refuse, thunder cracking from the sky, hogs being loosened into the street in a great stinking honking outrage, volcanoes erupting at my feet and tossing me like a fucking penny up into the air, geese hollering and biting my crotch, airplanes crashing all around me in hillocks of shrapnel and mutilation, Polynesian orchestras marching into each other with all sorts of tuba trombone and piccolo dissonances, and me crawling through it all, trying not to be distracted, cupping my song in my head like a smoker palming a lighter’s flame away from the wind, looking like an idiot mouthing my pathetic little motif to myself, and then — Thank god — I’m there!… temporary reprieve! — I reach the safety of the Rite Aid! The air conditioned quiet safety of its aisles… until suddenly Beyonce comes sallying out of the loudspeakers, scrambling my brain, giving me epilepsy — I froth at the mouth, I scratch my scalp to ribbons, I pass out — it’s madness — I’ve taken to walking around in earplugs — maybe I’ll stop going out period –

C. Way/ © 2007

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