An Interview with Cobalt Hinnock

  April 1st, 2007

I had the rare opportunity to interview Cobalt again the other day. He was back from a gig at the Golden Thumbnail and we were hanging out at the park, sitting next to each other on a bench and eating salad, watching some ants eat.

ME: I liked your show, seriously.

COBALT: I know, I could tell. Everyone did. You can tell by the faces.

ME: What was the one song, that one with the lyric about the storming of the ancient outpost? With the beautiful troll eye? The one with the chorus that –

COBALT: (with mouth full of food) That’s a true love song. It’s all true love songs. (chews food for a bit) There is no greater subject.

ME: (takes notes) Got it. But what’s the title?

COBALT: My songs don’t have titles. It’s all one macro-song. It’s all about true love. It’s like a colony of coral. The individual coral cells don’t have names, right? But the overal coral piece has a name: “fire coral,” “brain coral,” or what have you. It’s a micro-macro thing. The sum is greater than the whole kind of thing.

ME: (pause) Right, well … okay, that’s a little unusual. Why –

COBALT: — And I mean, if I *had* to give a title to the entire, master-song which is formed by all my individual unnamed songs — to appease people that is — since I wouldn’t do it for me, since I don’t need it — it would be… (long pause) … “Cobalt’s Concerto”. (pauses) “The Concerto”. (pauses) “A Concerto #5 In G minor.”

ME: But wait, none of your songs are in a minor key, right? I mean –

COBALT: (astonished) What the hell does that have to do with it? My title expresses an idea, a mood. What am I, a professor of music keys? Holy shit man. That’s it, interview’s over. I gotta get out of here, I need to jog. (rises abruptly, spilling food everywhere, salad dressing all over his crotch)

ME: (hastily) Cool cool, right on, I hear you — hey listen can I come?

COBALT: Definitely. Hot dog? (pulls two franks out of his pocket) For energy.

ME: Hell yes.

(They jog away)

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