WD-50 (Tasting Menu + Wine Pairing): Poem-Review

  February 2nd, 2008

C. Way/ SnailCrow.com © 2008

wd50 octopus

Pause at broccoli powder,
probe its puree,
consider cobia cubes,
then jaw it all in one quick
Cava-fueled forkstroke

Now pizza pebbles –
a little caterpillar
of parmesan, oil & tomato balls
falling away in your mouth
like savory cotton-candy

Now knot foie,
a sesame-studded taffyish tie,
like ribosomes on endoplasmic reticuli

Then Eggs Benedict, abused,
undone, scattered,
yolk gelled to cylinder,
hollandaise battered in cubes,
puddling out from tine-splits
in sudden hot pools

By this time, wine fully settles
in the deep couch of you,
making study & dissection
& finesse of fork
give way to blunt hunger
Which is a little like listening
to Debussy covered
in double time by a
drunk garage band

Later, all you remember
from the last dishes:

Chartreuse jelly,
singing from its dish
with clear coy wild notes;

Cherried cucumber
in glisteny medusa mass
like some gulfshore algae;

And cuttlefish, squash & chamomile in a cup
with smeared orange dollop:

Gorgeously preposterous,
flavors & scents by all rights
banned from blend
conjoining to startle & twist
nose and tongue
to glad calculus of flavor

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New York, NY 10002
Phone: 212.477.2900
**NOTE: Photo above is not mine, it’s from WD-50′s website.

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Comments (2) To “WD-50 (Tasting Menu + Wine Pairing): Poem-Review”

  1. eric said:

    nice work. excellent pairing of photo and poem as well. found it while doing a web search for the name of my band, deep couch. beautiful coincidence.

  2. C.W. said:

    eric, thanks, I really appreciate it. Deep couch, by the way, is an awesome name for a band. I love what I heard on yr myspace too by the way. -Scrow

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