Logan ‘Sleepy Hollow Vineyards’ Pinot Noir, 2005 – Poem-Review

  June 5th, 2008

Logan Pinot Noir 2005

It broods in the glass, when I bring the lip of glass under my nose, warmth rises first, thick and sudden, then odor: musky blend of mustard, onion, damp root vegetables. This wine is an owl, old & noble, with ratfur stuck to its talons.

It fills the mouth aggressively, fruit-bitterly, with cherries, prunes, chili. Flakes of chocolate. It bristles & sulks all over the inside of your mouth.

This is a wine that works you into the soil, holds you there in the rooty rich damp, until you feel a hum and churn fill you, created by:

gnarled roots,
flinty secret minerals waiting for light.

C. Way/ SnailCrow.com © 2008

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