Writing About Random Songs N. 94: The Knife – ‘The Captain’

  June 20th, 2008

Another installation of this game I play where I open iTunes, enable Shuffle, listen to the first song that comes up, and write whatever comes to mind about it.

This time I was served up a song from The Knife, off their record “Silent Shout”, called “The Captain”. I love this song — it always settles & unsettles me with its cold vistas & brittle expanse.

First, the song:

The Knife – ‘The Captain’

And here, a poem I wrote for it:

Spray of marbles skipping 
along vast mesa of chrome.

Slow fanning wingspan of
hungry metal owls
sweeping over stone.

A long thunder, away.

Measured avalanche of 
straw, sand & aluminum 
upon meadows of 
magenta blossom.

Old indigo geysers, 
dusted with crimson flakes.

Gray coral spiking up from pink ponds.

The distant throaty lowing of beasts.

C. Way/ SnailCrow.com © 2008
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