On Drawing

  November 30th, 2008

Advice to my friend Jess on drawing and sketching:

* Draw like you sing — from your gut, freely. Just let the hand guide the pen wherever the spirit wants. Let loose with line and form until recognizable Things emerge — or not. And be content even when they do not.

* Color opens up worlds. It blesses line and form. It makes so much possible. Big bold color, like a voice filling up a silent room.

* Draw what you can draw well when you feel stuck. For instance, I can only draw faces and bodies. And rooms. Everything else is very hard for me. So when I get stuck, I just draw what I know over and over, ignoring narrative or theme or logic.

* Let feeling over-ride logic … this will free your pen. If you draw an arm or eye strangely, don’t judge it; Let it flow. It’s a clue that what you’re feeling inside wants to come out through that bent, long mutant arm or bizarro, wonky eye.

* Try out, sometimes, thicker pens & even ink & brush drawing. This will help you sing your line out more clearly and the boldness imparted makes your expression all the more uncompromising.

* Be content with doodles, scribbles and repetitive shapes if that’s what your heart and head needs at the time. Unless you’re staggeringly gifted, 90% of what you draw isn’t meant to be seen — it’s just for you and your own soul.

* Draw for yourself, to amuse yourself, first and foremost. If others take pleasure in your work, so much the better. But look at that as a bonus and not an end to what you do.

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