New Album: C. Way’s ‘Needle Out’

  May 2nd, 2009

! ! ! ! ! NEEDLE OUT Album Release ! ! ! ! !


Hey everyone!

      My new album, ‘Needle Out’, is ready and I’m happy to share it. I know cds are passe and all but it’s the only way I’ve gotten around to distributing the thing [update -- iTunes too, check sidebar!], so bear with me. I’m proud of these 11 songs (about 35 minutes) and I hope you eat ‘em up like fritos.
      As a bonus, you’ll get free cd-sleeve-sized ink & brush art with each order for a limited time (i.e. until I get too busy to do it).
      Free mp3 from album, and order page here. Just $7 including shipping [US only], that is cheeeepieeeee!

      Enjoy the Springin.


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