The Art of Rebecca Vicars

  February 20th, 2010

Below are samples from the work of Rebecca Vicars, a painter who divides her time between New York City and Guatemala.

Here is a recent work, “Portal”:


I love the turquoise and mauve, and the dark purple corona, like a fringe of hair, circling the central disc of swirled & bled tones. Like some of Redon’s work, like a piece from Debussy’s Preludes, hues here blend and blur in mysterious, unnameable harmonies.

Here’s another recent work entitled “Papaya”:


Papaya has such presence here, massive, fleshy, wounded. The background & table, with their closed, earthy tones & grains, crowd everything in, pressing the viewer against the fruit. And note the squat avocado as anchor, behind, with its pocked and brooding green, secretly balancing everything.

Her Etsy shop:

And her site:

In lymph,

-S.Crow/ Chris

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