Hear Hums – Change (MP3 review)

  April 30th, 2010

     Hear Hums is a three-piece band out of West Palm Beach, making terrific, underwater, melon-nectar pulse. I first found them on MySpace (here), and was smitten quick with “Collocational Time Systems” & its opening animal croaks, delicate sound details, chiptune hints and languorous groove. I loved the quirk, the haze, the loping rhythms.
     But it’s their latest cut, “Change”, that I really want to highlight, a five-and-a-half minute mini-odyssey. The song starts out with a foot-tapping drilly drum tattoo, roping in some harp-like nylon-string guitar motifs and synth washes as it gains speed, tropical and Aphex in equal measure. As its title suggest, the song’s full of cycles; soon the low-end drops out, leaving the snare and reverbed string-pluck naked, hovering.
     After one last intense gather, the song comes to rest with delicate little synth flourishes and a delicious swoosh of fade-out. Add it to your Spring soundtrack; the song captures the season’s turning in all its new color and shimmering rhythms.
Download/Listen to “Change” here.
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