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A Week in Paris, Part 4 (of 4): The Will Be & What Was

May 4th, 2010

     Maybe it was breathless reads of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame or The Scarlet Pimpernel when we were young & impressionable. Maybe it was Toulouse-Lautrec, Henry Miller, Moulin Rouge! or An American in Paris. Hell, maybe it was Looney Tunes’ Pepé Le Pew. Whether our formative encounters of Paris came from the printed page, the canvas, or film, most of us, I think, arrive there with a little bit of extra luggage in tow: all the hopes, dreams, notions and misconceptions that we’ve built up inside us for years of what the City of Lights will be like. As for me, I lugged a whole separate cargo-plane’s worth of the stuff: hundreds of mini fantasy-Parises built up inside me, mini-Parises stuffed sparkly into little snowglobes, clicking around like marbles in my brain. The magic happened when all these Parises spilled out of my imagination and completely scattered across the tangly streets of the real thing, knocking into cathedral doors and falling down métro stairs and sewer grates — when my private inner Parises mingled with the city’s realities and together created a composite Paris. This is the Paris I came to love, the one architected by my long-nurtured fantasies and actual experiences.  (Read More . . .)

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