Art of the Day: littlewhitehead, ‘Sentient Orbs’, 2009

  November 9th, 2010

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     littlewhitehead, Sentient Orbs, 2009 (shoes, chinos, sweater, balloons, wire, stuffing)



More littlewhitehead at Saatchi
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Comments (2) To “Art of the Day: littlewhitehead, ‘Sentient Orbs’, 2009”

  1. Nathan Stone said:

    Went to Sumarria Lunn in London for littlewhitehead’s show of recent works. Realy great gallery, an amazinng show with lots of dark work. Check it out!

  2. C Way said:

    Hey there Nathan — wow, jealous, would’ve enjoyed seeing that. If I was in London I prolly would have. “Push Button / Hallucinations” — love it. Humor reminds me of Shrigley kinda. In the best possible way. Thanks for stopping by!

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