Art of the Day: Toyen, Abandoned Burrow / The Abandoned Corset (Opuštěné doupé), 1937

  November 29th, 2010

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       Toyen, Abandoned Burrow / The Abandoned Corset (Opuštěné doupé), 1937


I remember first encountering Toyen’s art — her blighted terrains, drought-cracked shooting ranges, erotic cartoons, and the vague menace & haunted presence of works like “Opuštěné doupé” above. I like the resonances of meaning: the corset left alone as something triumphantly liberated from — or, like a vampire’s coffin, a habitat into which the dweller will creep to come nightfall. Or as carapace unwisely, even suicidally sloughed off: some vital armor without which the owner must perish, like a hermit crab abandoning its shell in the middle of an underwater dream.

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