Art o’ the Day: The Ink Drawings of Jess Hotchkiss

  January 17th, 2011

Jess Hotchkiss
       Jess Hotchkiss, Untitled Ink Drawing, 2009(?)

Jess Hotchkiss
       Jess Hotchkiss, Title Unknown, 2009(?)

Jess Hotchkiss
       Jess Hotchkiss, Untitled Head, 2009(?)

     Some samples of the work of Jess Hotchkiss, artist, songwriter & musician (see & based in NYC & Michigan. I love getting lost in the hyperdensity of her ink compositions, the tottering junkeap webwork, fertile & wayward; the way her pieces simultaneously span the mineral, vegetal & purely abstract worlds.
     ”Untitled Ink Drawing” has the sharp strata and teem of magnified crystal, pockets of empty space offering chances to visually catch your breath before returning to the mesh.
     ”Untitled Head” hovers in the void, all shards and curls of metal leaf & finely-wrought jaw, gray towering silent apparition. Some mourning & exiled consul, poised to judge & then vanish. Alien artifact about to telepathically offer some gnomic murmur.


All writing © copyright C. Way / 2011

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