Art of the Day: Roberto Fabelo, Title Unknown, Date Unknown

  January 20th, 2011

Roberto Fabelo
       Roberto Fabelo, Title Unknown, Date Unknown (If someone knows title/date, please tell!)

    I like the light casting its weird glow from on high, & the cascading liquid looking like some toxic luminous sludge, not anything that should be served up in saucepans & pots. A slow drool hanging over the pots’ lips, a scary slaver. And that fat slab at the base like one of the cylinders of Duchamps’ Chocolate Grinder, looking like it’s going to cave in at the center & drop the whole wet totter down, pots & sludge & tiny calmly-sitting man & all.
    (Oh & Fabelo’s Cuban, just to give the imagery some context — not that the piece needs backstory to deliver its full load of power and dread. We all have been or known that figure in the topmost saucepan, bemused & blissed out — out of denial or genuine ignorance — on the crest of pure disaster.)


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