Art o’ the Day: Arman, Le Murex, accumulation de Renault 103, 1967

  January 23rd, 2011

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       Arman, Le Murex, accumulation de Renault 103, 1967, accumulation/recomposition of vehicle parts


    Now this I love — car parts re-assembled to become something that bridges the mechanical & natural realms. In its accordion flourish it’s, to me, evocative of the chitinous armor plates of the millipede, the scales of the artichoke, the curve of the spinal column. Great drama & dynamism, sweep-kicking through space with its bonewhite, voluptuous arc.
    I wasn’t aware of Arman before, now I’m curious to explore his re-assemblages, how these forms do more than just deconstruct a commercial product, but force the manforged source-material to sing to the rest of creation.

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