ART O THA DAY: heccccccccc, “poppppppplessss”, Date Unknown

  January 25th, 2011


     heccccccccc, poppppppplessss (date unknown)

    Time to get serious & talk Popples. Popples & Paper Rad, that neon 8-bit troll-troupe whose influence seems to have reached the shores of Santiago. I say this because some beautiful soul identified only as heccccccccc (belonging to/affiliated with Chilean music/ art folke cumshotrecords) has graced us with the above video, a lovely creep-fort constructed from a mess of Paperrady flotsam: heavy Popples cartoon footage, epileptic acid-graphics & danceyspooky synth beats.
    Reminds me kinda of Paper Rad member Jacob Ciocci’s “Peace Tape”, but hecccccccc’s work cuts its own spaz swath. Stuff I like: how “poppppppplessss” keeps it short at 1:49, remains very visually-focused throughout (unswayingly poppling except for the end), & synchs imagery to the beat to great effect (especially at 1:24 and on, where tics on repeat give me that happy back-of-brain warm fuzz). Oh & I really really like the gentle wavy ending of cascading giflets.

    But you’re not done are you? You want more fits & eyelid-jitters. More toxic fuschias & magenta kaleidescopes. So stop putterin & click below, brave poppler:


& that my fronds is how I found about “poppppppplessss” in the first place — Erin from over at — a lush tumblr-trove of eye candy if there ever was one — sent me this fluxed & smashed-TV version & I went gaaaaahhh in pure joy.
    I’m not sure what it says about me that I can find the above — and lots of stuff like it — a very reliable device for blissing out & catching my breath after a long shitty workday. I’m fairly certain I should be spending more time considering what it means to find pleasure in what amounts to visual static & scrambled porn; or how yesterday’s eye-detritus is today’s peace-out pill. Oh well. I’m just a child of my age y’all.
     Besides, there’s always Bill Viola when I need a good optic-nerve cleanse.

More videos at the cumshotvision youtube page
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