Art of the Day: Two Lamps by Hermann August Weizenegger

  January 28th, 2011

       Hermann August Weizenegger, Lameto (Pendant Lamp), 2010, latex & plexiglass

       Hermann August Weizenegger, Loop (Pendant Lamp), 2010, bronze & alder wood

    Something of Louise Bourgeois in both, especially the melty, slightly menacing clump/gloop of “Lameto” (& the somewhat bronzey tint probably calls L.B. to mind even more, since she favored that material for a lot of her biomorphs, hanging or otherwise). Where Weizenegger shines is with his lovely texture of underlit layers, all that carving, that thin-leaved baklavaing, evoking so many things: spinal column, dented up air-conditioner vents, segmented worms, drapery, pupae, deli cuts of meat, etc. So many spheres of existence gathered together by virtue of his simply (no, not just simply, precisely, meticulously) venting up the density. Luscious, scary, amazing. I may not want these hanging over my dining room table, but I’d obsessively run my fingers along their venetian-blind bodies if I had a museum-guardless moment with either.
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