Art of the Day: Ai Xuan, “Strong Wind”, 2007

  January 30th, 2011

       Ai Xuan, Strong Wind, 2007
     Here’s something a lil different from what I typically post for Art of the Day. Ai Xuan is a Chinese painter inspired by the Tibetan landscape & people for a lot of his works’ subject matter. I just fell in love with this painting as soon I saw it and wanted to write about it: the play of his hair in the snowy wind, the mottle on his coat, & how what seems like an initially limited palette reveals so much more variety & nuance the more you sit with the piece, revealing a rich world of blues & ices & bronzes & whites & muds & animal-hide browns. What nobility & strength in his face, chin, nose and gaze: tender, mournful, alert, expectant, defiant. And how much like an earthwork, a boulder, a hill he becomes armored in that greatcoat.
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