Art o’ the Day: Nancy Howell, “Onion Avalanche”, date unknown

  January 31st, 2011

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       Nancy Howell, Onion Avalanche, date unknown, pastel on paper


     O man, this just made me happy the second I laid eyes on it. The tumbling profusion, the way you can almost feel those papery skins and firm contours as you plunge your hand in, rooting down for the perfect specimen. The way she captured the root tendrils, all wild and crackling like tiny electro zaps. The way the reds have the dark vein of skin-split painted in. The perfect spacing compositionally, with the reds in a ‘T’ dividing the yellows; the way the eye is guided around the highlights and shadows by the color placement. How the reds and yellows trade tint, start to resemble each other, as if their color was chalked on and transferrable. & the topmost red onion bleeding off the canvas, keeping the whole composition asymmetrical and kinetic, much more than just a static bushel. Still lives are sometimes so much better when they simply refuse to keep still.
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