Art of the Day: “Neptune’s Daughters” (Commodore 64 game), Mark Taylor & Ralph Frumin, 1983

  February 7th, 2011

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       Mark Taylor & Ralph Frumin, screenshot from Commodore 64 game Neptune’s Daughters, 1983
    When I’m overwhelmed by life, I can count on lots of things to calm me down: Mr. Show, Tim & Eric, Odilon Redon, Terrence Malick, Chopin, Les Rallizes Denudes, alcohol, 5001 other things I know help me tons but which I never seem to lean on enough when I need to most (save for the booze), & yes, O yes, beautiful vivid chunky-graphicked screenshots from old commodore 64 games like the one above.
    I mean just look at that (& you have to enlarge this one): that big clean blue swath girded by toothy canary, those weird kelp tridents wriggling in the currents. Those myco cup-corals mysteriously congregating in their grotto. And that cute little diver encountering the lavender undersea watcher, maybe to telepathize with it, maybe to harm it, maybe to gift it with an ingot. Screenshots like this mix up starkness, mystery & the comfort of clean lines & unmixed hues in a way I find totally bewitching.
More about Neptune’s Daughters at (C64 game enthusiasts’ site)

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