Art o’ the Day: Joanna Borkowska, “Pain”, 2005

  February 8th, 2011

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       Joanna Borkowska, Pain, 2005, mixed media
    Love zooming in on this one and wish I could see it live. The inflamed carpet, the oozing rash, the raw ground-beef lesion. Up close it looks even stranger, like an aerial shot of some red, alien forest or a zoom-in on a secret spore world. I think I love most how unforced the angry zone is, how naturally it soaks into and surges from its context; it feels like it always was inherent in that mud-pond background, and just awaited the right abrasion to comb its nap into full flare.
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  1. Joanna said:

    Thank you!

  2. Chris said:

    Anytime Joanna. Thank *you* for making such great artwork.

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