Art of the Day: Josh Garber, “Squeeze”, 2005

  February 9th, 2011

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       Josh Garber, Squeeze, 2005, aluminum bar

    Like something gradually coming into being, rising up & forming out of liquid, or devolving & melting down to puddle. I love objects in transition. I especially like the interplay between the metallic edges & the curving fat-folds; between the discrete pixel-like units of aluminum bar stubble — like a thousand trumpet valves, or a chrome forest wholly stumped — and the sensuous sweep of those voluptuwaves. It evokes undersea for me too — some huge old brain coral down where the sun starts fading — and that’s always a plus for me. Finally, I feel a tenderness & creature-warmth here, like one critter soothing/cradling/licking-clean another. Lots of layers of evocation.
     Would be so great to see a Garber in person. I see on his site that he’s done some public art stuff, which is great; these nature-evocative forms should arguably each do a tour of duty out in the world. That said, how cool would it be to take a massive version of this and stick it in a small gallery room, such that you could hardly move around it? Think of the presence, the drama, the overwhelm (but not rusty-hull like a Serra, but a warmer, rounder engulfing).
 Check out Josh Garber’s site for more info and examples of his sculpture.

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