Art of the Day: Studio Libertiny, “Made by Bees: Honeycomb Vase (Red)”, 2007

  February 13th, 2011

       Studio Libertiny, Made by Bees: Honeycomb Vase (Red), 2007, natural beeswax
    I love the sticky foot of it, like it’s slowly being pulled up from the ground. I’m such a sucker for textures like this. Imagining this edible, like pomegranate wafer, & some kind of sweet curdy thing like mascarpone or even just goat cheese stuffing random cells (which you could spot-suck out as needed or just wait to capture in yr greedy bites’ compass) I also think organs, the heart & it’s chambers, & I think if this were fist-sized and you squished it like a sponge blood would leak out of your fingers. I also think morels/stinkhorns — this looks like one inverted — quietly murmuring their ancient myco-speak away from sun on some dank forestfloor. I don’t think I’d put flowers in this — I think I’d offset its multi-organic overtones with something cold and inorganic … maybe a bundle of white-painted thin steel rods, or long bendy chemical-blue metal slats arcing out of the center in a big fountain. What does it make you think of?
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