Art o’ the Day: Rafael Tufino, detail from “Abstract Study”, 1968

  March 6th, 2011

       Rafael Tufino, detail from Abstract Study, Nov. 1968, oil on canvas

    I don’t usually present details of pieces, but I just loved this snippet & I didn’t want to detract from it by showing the whole cloth from which it’s cut (which — apologies to any hardcore Tufino fans — I found pretty uninspiring).
    I like the dramatic sunken hollows out of which the yellow eyes glow. The rivulet of blue alongside the cat’s body. The rich violet stripe on her back. And the way the vectors shift: the violet-stripe angling to the viewer’s right, top of head shadow veering to left, eye led back to right by deep-sink cat-eye, back to left again along her nose and mouth as we take in her strangely intent, half-menacing, half-menaced focus. Guardian cat, spirit cat, but not entirely magicked; enough fear and crouch in her to make us want to soothe her some (but not until we’ve taken several steps back).
 Some Tufino bio and additional examples of his work here.

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