Art of the Day: Barton Lidice Benes, “Cojones VII”, 2007

  March 9th, 2011

       Barton Lidice Benes, Cojones VII, 2007, erasers & ball

    I remember chewing on these pencil erasers when I was a kid. Or watching the dyed erasey-bits/debris pile up on my paper after rubbing out some scribble or botched math problem.
    I like seeing them put to orby use. I like that the bands of color on the sphere aren’t perfectly horizontal, but have slight upward tilt. The individual eraserheads themselves are also imperfectly lined up: some of them angle up or down a little relative to their neighbors, pulling your gaze and focus in closer.
    I imagine swaths of tremor on the sphere’s surface like a meadow in a slight gust, or a crowd at games doing a wave, or like the rippling fur on a gopher’s body as she takes a walk. I like imagining it palm-size or as big as a smartcar. And if it’s huge, I want it more nerf (or foam) than eraser so I can hop on it back-first without blunt-trauma risk and lie there for awhile.

 Please check out more of Benes’ art at Lennon, Weinberg Gallery.

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