Art of the Day: Pol Bury, Untitled, Date Unknown

  March 10th, 2011

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       Pol Bury, Untitled, Date unknown

    I was sold off the bat with that worm’s eye view shot. Hell, lower than that, it’s like a mite’s eye view. A lot of drama in that shot, like I’m a soldier peeping up from some supply tunnel, looking to snipe. Or just some total weirdo creep slinking along the grass to spy some park skin in the summer, who knows. But I don’t get skin or targets for rifleshot, just a really cool tangle of silver cylinders. Like 50s Sci-Fi movie Leger-like robo-arms gone haywire and frozen in mid-spazz. And that’s exactly why, my friends, exactly why this site exists. After all, the skin watchers & shooter people already have their e-sites. Snailcrow, on the other hand, is for you dear reader, you who skulk around in parks, decked out in camo, ready to pounce on public art for reasons I’m much too discreet to reveal here. Prowl on!
 Please check out more of Pol Bury’s work (+ a great pictorial bio) at the great oscuro art spot Mondoblogo.

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