Art o’ the Day: Emil Nolde, “Meer mit Dampfer”, ca. 1945-1948

  March 13th, 2011

       Emil Nolde, Meer mit Dampfer, ca. 1945-1948, watercolor and pen and india ink on Japan paper

    Ten years before Nolde died. The color is extraordinary here. it reminds me of Klee, Redon. The purple washes and glow-pulse of yellows fogging in and out of each other. The blue blotches blended with the steamer’s smoke on the top left. I’ve seen a few other sea & ship pieces Nolde created around this time and they all have a similar gorgeous bloom of color & haunted lonely feel. I think of different times of day, different settings: This steamer could be making it’s solitary journey in the break of morning or in the smoggy noon. It could be drifting through the mauve-bruised early dusk. It could be traveling through oil spills and refinery clouds, or in the glowing harbor of some city’s waterside district, unseen buildings glowing their lights and adverts through the mist. Beautiful!
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