Art of the Day: Yayoi Kusama, “Journey through the rape blossoms”, 1987

  March 14th, 2011

       Yayoi Kusama, Journey through the rape blossoms, 1987, acrylic on canvas

    I try to spotlight different artists every day but I’m very very stuck on Kusama right now, I just love her visual world. Here’s another mesmerizing piece by her (search under “Kusama” on the right sidebar to find other Kusama-related posts on
    Veins carrying blood to peas. Mixing the animal and vegetable worlds. Or a sieve of red as green guts are pushed through.The color contrast isn’t as violent as it could be; this could easily have been some electro/neon eye-punisher. Instead it beckons you closer, invites you to travel along its strange network, walk its red maze-garden paths.
    What do you see?

Please learn more about Kusama and check out more of her art at Kusama’s official site.

Also, please check out Kusama’s page at over here.

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