Art of the Day: Hideaki Kawashima, “Soak”, 2005

  March 17th, 2011

       Yayoi Kusama, Soak, 2005

    Isn’t this a great piece? I always know when I’ve stumbled across something special to me when I can’t figure out how to unpack, let alone prioritize, the layers of excited superlatives in my brain. So I won’t really bother to do either. I’m just going to pour it out in one undifferentiated stream: tentacly writhy dress-train slither — Redon-like big floaty mysterious creature-presence — lovely outofproportioned bulge of left eye giving her bold/inquisitive or just plain deformed aspect — old-photo foggy feel of pinkgray haze — tarpit surfacing of some oily naiad before the sludge’s finished running off her face — anneloid squish & icky jelly of her but beautiful lips and those left-eye lashes — nippleness of her up from vermicular aureole — –
 Please check out more of Kawashima’s art at Tomio Koyama Gallery..

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