Art of the Day: Zhou Chunya, “Green Dog”, 2007

  March 22nd, 2011

       Zhou Chunya, Green Dog, 2007

    This bit me right away for many reasons. The drips from his underside as if he’d just crawled up from some slimy algae pit. The vulnerability of the creature in his near-eyelessness, in his one hind leg and his unnaturally-poised left front leg. And other things about him not so vulnerable: the pride & bearing in his neck, the curiosity and health in his smile and gaze and cocked ear, the strong muzzle. Not to mention the loud & gutty contrast of green against red of its tongue, gums, genitals, ears. And then back to those drips… how the left haunch is loosely rendered, almost as if its dissolving into the ropy strands that hang off it. Compare that with how precisely the muzzle and face are depicted. Like he’s some protoplasmic spirit not totally fixed in his existence, part of him established; part of him in transitional ooze. Compelling, disturbing stuff, very strong piece.
 Please learn more about Chunya and check out more of his art at Artzine China.

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