Art of the Day: Bob Arihood, “Snow?”, 2011

  March 26th, 2011

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       Bob Arihood, Snow?, 2011

     Found this at, a terrific site run by one Bob Arihood that photo-chronicles the Lower East Side & Tompkins Square Park areas and their inhabitants. No glam shots of young/rich/pretty LES condo kids. Think Mars Bar, folks who just got out of jail, & tons of little street scenes & details — from grim to perplexing to cute — that the average nyc-photographer misses. In the mood of his shots, his unsentimental (but still humane & engaged) focus on nightscenes and what some might call the seedier side of streetlife, he reminds me of Bressai.
     As for the above — I’m glad someone else finds the sight of a gunk-caked berm of NYC snow compelling. One of my favorite parts of winter here is watching these monstrous sludgy beasts develop over the unthawed weeks, gathering debris, piss, shit, newspapers & hundreds of other decomposed uncatalogueables. All of it sealed and re-sealed over by dirt & oil and traffic chem & god knows what else.
     The photo above perfectly showcases this species of nyc snowbeast at its finest. The lighting is so eerie and right on, feels like I just woke up from sleepwalking onto the set of a movie or police investigation. The little curb of white snow & the glossy sharp way the light hits the right side of the heap gives the whole piece balance, what with the left side sunken into matte shadow & that little black car in the background providing further blackening. Been meaning to post this terrific creep-out shot since the mega-snowdays of earlier in the year, and I’m happy to be finally getting around to it now.
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Comments (4) To “Art of the Day: Bob Arihood, “Snow?”, 2011”

  1. Bob Arihood said:

    Thanks for the good mention.

    bob Arihood .

  2. Chris said:

    Bob, thanks for stopping by. Really digging your site, keep up the great work & photography. Best, Chris/

  3. Jess Barnett said:

    I’ve spent a while looking at Bob’s pictures thanks to this post. Amazing stuff.

  4. C Way said:

    Jess — hey there! That’s great, so glad to hear you found more to like on Bob’s site. It’s always gratifying to me to spread the word about the artists I stumble across.

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