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Art of the Day: Ham Jin, “Rest (detail view)”, 2008

April 30th, 2011

       Ham Jin, Rest (detail view), 2008, Polymer clay and mixed media

 Please check out more of Jin’s art over at PKM Gallery.

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Art of the Day Double: Works by Theresia Agustina Sitompul & Arthur Tress

April 29th, 2011



       Theresia Agustina Sitompul, Hi bird, please send my greeting to kiki, 2010, polyester


       Arthur Tress, Boy in Mickey Mouse Hat, 1968 (negative date), vinage gelatin silver print

     Sitompul’s odd squishy androgynous pudding child struck me right away. There’s something simultaneously comforting and alien in this little effigy’s posture and contours. Only the head is detailed — beatific & heavenward like a little deity — suggesting some kind of larval being not yet ripened into full body. And the little birds come to encourage the process, comforted perhaps by the magical creature’s softness.
     I thought that the Sitompul paired well — if not too contrasty? — with the disturbing Tress photo. A half-buried mickeymouse-eared child wears a pained and sleepy expression. We’re not sure if he’s playing some kind of beachside hide and go seek, is hiding out from parents and has fallen asleep in the sun, has been bullied and buried by older siblings, or worse still, has died and lies fallen in rubble. We watch and hope he’s just hiding out and playing hooky, but the lack of context keeps us guessing: the mickey cap obscures his forehead (and by extension possible emotional cues in his brow); the colorlessness obscures possible bruising or skin tone clues which might tell us more about the boy’s condition; the additional lack of color in his surroundings makes it hard to guess whether we’re looking at sand or dirt; whether it’s morning or mid-day. It’s a painful, powerful, striking piece that, in its lack of setting & visual triggers, forces us to construct a backstory that we struggle to keep buoyant.
 Sitompul’s works were kind of hard to track down, but more can be found here (just a Google image search).
 Please find more of Tress’ photography here at his site.
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Art of the Day: Two Untitled pieces by Anish Kapoor

April 27th, 2011

       (click to enlarge)


       Anish Kapoor, Untitled, 1993-95, gourd, acrylic and pigment

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       Anish Kapoor, Untitled, 1993-95, gourd, acrylic and pigment

     I’m drawn to these two enigmatic gourd based bits. Their language seems modest and private at first, then ancient & universal, full of weird old powers. They are like shy blind creatures that you want to come up to and stroke, but which you find yourself taking a step back from without knowing precisely why.
 More of Kapoor’s work can be found here at Lisson Gallery.
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Art of the Day: Laurie Hogin, “Night Terrors II (7 Hours of Side Effects #1)”, 2009

April 26th, 2011

       Laurie Hogin, Night Terrors II (7 Hours of Side Effects #1), 2009, Oil on Panel


 Please check out more of Hogin’s art over at Littlejohn Contemporary.

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Art of the Day (Big Fat Monday Catch up Edition): Parrots (works by Julian Khol & Andy Warhol)

April 25th, 2011

       Julian Khol, Spring Break , 2010, Oil on Canvas


       Andy Warhol, Parrot, 1983(?), Mixed technique on canvas


       Julian Khol, Tagesanbruch, 2010, oil on canvas

     Hello lovely readers; hello unlovely workweek. My weekends continue to be crammed+frenzied, leaving me little choice but to triple-shot make up for the Fri-Sun absence on Mondays. I think this is gonna end up being a regular feature, so hopefully those of you out there following the site don’t mind a megadose of art at the start of your week.
     On to the art. First we have the first of two haunting parrot pieces I’ve chosen by Julien Khol, both 2010 works. The topmost is “Spring Break”. The title conjures images of goofus collegiates in full bronzed & beery revelry, belching and STD’ing, but also suggests themore troubling meaning of an emotional or mental snap. Between these two connotations the darkly beautiful blue parrot floats and stares, mysterious witness amid up-splash of beer suds; patient, presaging apparition of mental illness.
     Following that is a Warhol “Parrot”, a hot, high-contrast shock to the eyes after the cold, melancholy tones of the Khol. Apparently Warhol executed many different-colored prints of this template, but this yellow/maroon/teal one is my favorite with its corrosive tone pulse. Here the parrot is not in Daytona nor implicated in any kind of human psych catastrophe; here it’s more of a pre-Colombian deity, back turned to human affairs, noble haughty & unloving but offering real protection to those who have faith. He is built for just wars with his jagged stone dagger wings & blooded beak.
     And back to the other Khol Parrot piece, “Tagesanbruch” (trans. “Daybreak”). The break is now complete. The unslept bird froths with dissociation. It disintegrates in the still-dark early morning. It will pull out its own feathers and slowly drip out color into the waiting void-mouth.
 More of Khol’s work can be found here at

 Check out more of Warhol’s work over at the Artchive.

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