Art of the Day: Salvatore Mammoliti, “Verza, uva e farfalla”, 2006

  April 4th, 2011

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       Salvatore Mammoliti, Verza, uva e farfalla, 2006, oil on canvas

    Oil on canvas! Crap, I figured this was a photo. I normally don’t go for hyper-realistic painting but this piece wins me over completely with its playfulness, textures (luscious grape curves & cabbage crinkles), tottering-tower potential energy and comforting green-yellow palette. Savoy cabbage, just one of the loveliest looking green veggers out there next to Tuscan Kale. All those crinkly fuckers, love em all. Also, question: am I the only one imagining a big leafy pac-man barfing up stale power pellets (& butterfly)? Chew slowly pacster. & stop eating bugs, stick with the bonus fruits.
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Comments (2) To “Art of the Day: Salvatore Mammoliti, “Verza, uva e farfalla”, 2006”

  1. big bonna said:

    I can’t believe this is a painting. Love it.

  2. C Way said:

    I know! Fabulous technique. A lot of his other stuff’s like that too, check it out… lusciousness for the eyes.

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