Art o’ the Day: Michael Naples, “Peeled Left”, 2011

  April 5th, 2011

       Michael Naples, Peeled Left, 2011, oil on board

     I’ve said it before, elsewhere on this site: I loves me a still life when it can’t keep still (too lazy to hunt & link, SOWEE). And this lovely piece is just what I mean. That left-hand orange’s hunk of peel looks like it’s just a second ago been torn away, unsteady and waiting for a yank. & you can practically smell the tiny zesty orange oil droplets hanging in the air from the rind being curled away from the flesh. Above the frosted orange flesh hovers a lovely opalescent aura, making the fruit seem to glow in a kind of milk pulse. The austere, bleak backdrop only intensifies the fresh fruits’ soft incandescence. Beautiful stuff.
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