Art of the (every other) Day: Jess Barnett, “My Green”, 2010

  April 7th, 2011

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       Jess Barnett, My green, 2010, acrylic on canvas

    I love the mood of this piece, a lake reflecting houses burning down (in controlled collapse, no explosion) in the quiet night. I like the various color strata, the shifting depths as your eye takes in different color layers, some horizontal, some vertical. I like the smoky cerulean smear of the bottom left and the way the black rhythms out in 3 beats. Speaking of rhythm, the yellow as well to me seems apportioned perfectly.
     I also like the title and how it works with the piece — as if the hue itself was ripped away, pried apart to reveal what lives beneath: not just the normal ingredients of green, cyan+yellow, but other secret color stowaways.
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  1. Jess Barnett said:

    Thanks, Chris! Just only now saw this… been a busy month. Will email sooooon!

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