Art of the Day: Mitch Epstein, “Lotus Pond, Ha Son Bihn Provence, Vietnam”, 1993

  April 14th, 2011

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       Mitch Epstein, Lotus Pond, Ha Son Bihn Provence, Vietnam, 1993, C print

      I just love this. I knew right away when I saw it that I wanted to post it and write about it, but I didn’t know why — all I knew was that it confused and gripped me. The wilting decay, spent but proud. The canopy’s reflection, how the dark blotches of it frame the lotus leaves. The top-left blue of the reflected sky along the mocha waters echoing that of the tired, trumpeting leaves; the conch-lip flare of the central leaf. The oxidized copper quality of the leaves’ blue making them seem like strange statues in a neglected sculpture garden. Epstein perfectly captures an atmosphere of rotted out elegance waiting in soggy silence for new bloom.
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