Art o’ the Day: Olly and Suzi, “Caracal” (2007)

  April 15th, 2011

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       Olly and Suzi, Caracal, 2007, Lithograph on Somerset Velvet

      The Caracal is a Western Asian and African mid-sized cat, often called the Desert Lynx or Persian Lynx, related to servals and the African golden cat. This piece by Olly and Suzi wonderfully renders the beauty of these creatures: their powerful haunches, the line of their lean bodies, their elongated (almost horn-like), pointy tufted ears. The technique and color lend other aspects to the subject: crouching stalk, pained huddle, pre-pounce tension, sentinel’s protection, post-meal sleep. And the blood against snow of the palette gives it the additional resonance of violence: that which the Caracal delivers to its prey, that which humans inflict upon it.
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Comments (2) To “Art o’ the Day: Olly and Suzi, “Caracal” (2007)”

  1. Dori said:

    I’m always amazed how some artists can use minimal lines and structure to create an image of something completely recognizable (not that I immediately thought “oh, wow, a caracal” – I thought it was a siamese cat). Reminds me of those quick drawings Picasso did with light.

    Love that red, too.

  2. C Way said:

    Dori, agreed. Reminds me too of Japanese Sumi-E paintings; that their fewest-possible-lines/strokes approach. Love stuff like that. Cheers!

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