Art of the Day (Big Fat Monday Catch up Edition): Spotlight on Canada with works by Arthur Lismer & Jon Pylypchuk

  April 18th, 2011

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       Jon Pylypchuk, Older CLoud, 2009, mixed media

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       Arthur Lismer, Canadian Jungle, 1946, oil on canvas

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       Jon Pylypchuk, I miss you, danger, and all it’s elements , 2006, mixed media

     Alas alas, this weekend was too jampacked for me to fit in any Art of the Day posts, so today you’re gettin 3 for 1. (Maybe I’ll make this a regular feature, Monday triples? We’ll see). Probably going to shift to an every other day thing at any rate, as a number of personal projects are way behind, and I need to scoop me out some more time however I can.
     On to the subject today: Canadian artists. Didn’t plan on the theme, just happened that the first three works I stumbled upon and loved this morning belonged to artists hailing from the land up yonder. In order of appearance then: “Older Cloud” by Jon Pylypchuk. This piece is from an exhibit of his called “The War” from 2009-2010 held at Friedrich Petzel Gallery. I love this weird rotty dogmask with its cottage-cheese face-lumps and scary bulb-eyes. Something about those burnt-marshmallow sock-ears adds this comical, cutesy edge that just amplifies the chem-warfare hamburger-lady atrocity of this mutilatoid.
      Next up’s Arthur Lismer’s “Canadian Jungle”. What a find, I love this guy. I’d never heard of him. He totally captures the threatening sinewy tangle of jungly undergrowth. So many gorgeous inter-braided shades of green here too. There’s a soft faint smudginess to his brushwork that takes the edge off the vegetal claustrophobia and allows me to sink in to some of the plusher textures. I especially like the tiny hints of sun-glinted water way up above, this tiny bit of breathing space that suddenly opens up the perspective of the painting and makes you feel like a crouching critter peering through bushes at approaching boats.
      Finally we’ve got another Pylypchuk piece: “I miss you, danger, and all it’s elements”. The title frames the sculpture very well, amplifying the unfulfilled, sedate middle age of the rumpled elephant (dog?) man in his ill-fitting suit. He looks back annoyed at you interrupting his nap (or possible masturbatory reverie). The browns, moss greens and blacks sort of trap you in his private little resentful & frustrated mind state, and you’re grateful for the relief the white of the wall affords. Like a lot of this artist’s work, this piece bridges the puppety-cute & the unsettling to great effect. 
 More of Jon Pylypchuk’s work can be found here at

 Check out more of Lismer’s work over at Bert Christensen’s Cyberspace Gallery.

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