Art of the Day Double: Timothy Flach’s “Flying Mop” (2010) & Claude Vénard’s “Port avec ciel rouge” (ca. 1960)

  April 21st, 2011

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       Claude Vénard, Port avec ciel rouge , ca. 1960, oil on canvas

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       Timothy Flach, Flying Mop, 2010, Digital C-type

     First up’s the Vénard. This piece caught my eye right away with its big bands of vermilion and geological strata-shards of boat color wedged among the greens and pale sea blues and cloud whites. There’s something sleepy in this sunset piece, but also something a little foreboding and jagged about the bony edifices and the looming circling black birds or fighter jets far up in the sky.
      Next is Flach’s “Flying Mop”. Isn’t this a great piece? Kind of cuddly and Cujo all at once. I want to open my arms wide to hug the bounding shaggy pooch — or get my hand axe. From one moment to the next I either get pure joyful dogginess or medusa hound blinding me with doggy-fur dreads & biting away. Either way, terrific glow & energy from this semi-supernatural critter floating in the void.
 More of Flach’s work can be found here at

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