Art of the Day (Big Fat Monday Catch up Edition): Parrots (works by Julian Khol & Andy Warhol)

  April 25th, 2011

       Julian Khol, Spring Break , 2010, Oil on Canvas


       Andy Warhol, Parrot, 1983(?), Mixed technique on canvas


       Julian Khol, Tagesanbruch, 2010, oil on canvas

     Hello lovely readers; hello unlovely workweek. My weekends continue to be crammed+frenzied, leaving me little choice but to triple-shot make up for the Fri-Sun absence on Mondays. I think this is gonna end up being a regular feature, so hopefully those of you out there following the site don’t mind a megadose of art at the start of your week.
     On to the art. First we have the first of two haunting parrot pieces I’ve chosen by Julien Khol, both 2010 works. The topmost is “Spring Break”. The title conjures images of goofus collegiates in full bronzed & beery revelry, belching and STD’ing, but also suggests themore troubling meaning of an emotional or mental snap. Between these two connotations the darkly beautiful blue parrot floats and stares, mysterious witness amid up-splash of beer suds; patient, presaging apparition of mental illness.
     Following that is a Warhol “Parrot”, a hot, high-contrast shock to the eyes after the cold, melancholy tones of the Khol. Apparently Warhol executed many different-colored prints of this template, but this yellow/maroon/teal one is my favorite with its corrosive tone pulse. Here the parrot is not in Daytona nor implicated in any kind of human psych catastrophe; here it’s more of a pre-Colombian deity, back turned to human affairs, noble haughty & unloving but offering real protection to those who have faith. He is built for just wars with his jagged stone dagger wings & blooded beak.
     And back to the other Khol Parrot piece, “Tagesanbruch” (trans. “Daybreak”). The break is now complete. The unslept bird froths with dissociation. It disintegrates in the still-dark early morning. It will pull out its own feathers and slowly drip out color into the waiting void-mouth.
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