Art of the Day: Luis Cruz Azaceta, “Hijacked”, 2010

  May 1st, 2011

       Luis Cruz Azaceta, Hijacked, 2010, acrylic, charcoal, oil sticks, shellac on canvas

      This is an unsettling piece. The heavy lift ship and its little boats stuck floating in the butternut ocean. Rust leaked out into the water from decades of captivity in the great big bivalve with nothing but the pearly moon staring it down. Giant clap upward of shell halves from the deep to catch its prey for what purpose, for how long?
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Comments (2) To “Art of the Day: Luis Cruz Azaceta, “Hijacked”, 2010”

  1. Jess Barnett said:

    Wow, seeing this piece, I can see exactly why you would like it — it reminds me a lot of your art. Very cool!

  2. C Way said:

    Thanks for saying that Jess, I hadn’t thought of that. … All of which confirms my vanity and self-absorption! Just kidding, kidding — I’m flattered to have this piece remind you of some of mine.

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