Art of the Day Double: Bikes (Audrey Hepburn and Paper Rad)

  May 3rd, 2011

       Sid Avery, Audrey Hepburn On Her Bike With Pet Dog, “Famous”, Paramount Studios, 1957, Gelatin silver print photograph



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       Paper Rad, Dewey’s Bike Ride, 2008, from “Problem Solvers” DVD packaged with the “Ganzfeld 7″ art book

      I’ve posted separately about Hepburn and Paper Rad before (too lazy to link up — use search button if’n yr desperate for context), but I never ever thought in my wyldest snailcrowiest dreams that they’d be combined in one post. Let the unlikely juxtaposorceries begin.
      First the Paper Rad snippet. I love this little bicycle tour through the world of the Problem Solvers (intro to the cast/concept here). I like the catchy odd time signatured song, the up-rain of face-ballons, Buck the Duck slowly stabbing hay and the weird silos behind him, D-O-G and his mate shoelace sipping, Dewey the biker’s weird long legs, Pandemonia getting headrushes from upsidedown branchswings. If this little snipp doesn’t make make you pre-school kaleidescopic happy then yr a grumbling old shite & be away with ye good sir or madame.
      What better to pair up with Paper Rad than Audrey? Look at that fucking outstanding Sid Avery photo — the tension of the half-on half-off pose, “Famous” looking alert and lovably shaggy as he stares back at the camera, Audrey looking like the only real thing in the world popping out sharply with her coy/dreamy/slightly-weary gaze from that backdrop of ghosted blur. What the hell would Dewey do if he saw her coming up the sine curves toward him with pup-in-basket and her lovely Oscar Wilde hair & unstoppable beauty? What would Audrey look like Paperrad-ized? & just why the hell am I trying to conflate these two irreconcilable universes? If I keep this up I’m going to tear a wormhole in the spacetime continuum/6th dimension/infinite loop/quantum breach/ insert parade of shitty sci-fi movie tropes here//////////
 Please check out more of Avery’s photos here at Monroe Gallery.

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