Art of the Day: Nikolai Makarov’s “In Moonlight” show at Mimi Ferzt Gallery (New York) – May 12, 2011

  May 12th, 2011



       Nikolai Makarov
       Untitled, 2011, acrylic on canvas mounted on board (source: Mimi Ferzt Gallery)



       Nikolai Makarov
       Untitled, 2011, acrylic on canvas mounted on board (source: Mimi Ferzt Gallery)

      I’ve posted about Makarov before, not too long ago in fact — I’m a big fan of his work, & especially like their gauzy opiate haze & dreamlike blurs which are as vaguely unsettling as they are beguiling. And so I was thrilled when I found out he was showing new works at Mimi Ferzt Gallery in an exhibit entitled “In Moonlight”. I just got back from the opening & I’m excited to talk about what I saw.
      What I found most striking about this new collection is their palette and subject matter. First the latter: I was used to seeing architectural forms in Makarov’s work — plazas, archways, columns, all of which suggested a foggy walk through an ancient, abandoned city. Tonight, however, the pieces I found most striking depicted nature — gaunt tree trunks, foggy moors, riverbanks, the moon rising over trees. Perhaps influenced by these glades and copses, even some of the more straightforward cityscapes I saw tonight began to look softer, less structured, like abandoned buildings gone to seed, eroded & beginning their long slow surrender to grass & creepers. And as for palette? Seductive variations on teals aquas and other assorted blues, all made more gorgeous & unreal by the deep foggy shadow-swaths they contrasted against. The blue tones made many of the paintings feel underwater, submerged structures & vistas among which minnows, kelp & eels would not have seemed out of place.
      I was also impressed by the scale of Makarov’s paintings. Several of spanned 4 to 6 feet wide, and their intoxicating blend of malarial shroud, narcotic reverie and sexy murmuring languor was only magnified by their dimensions. The shots above do nothing more than hint at the pieces’ bewitching power — if you’re in the area, stop by sometime (“In Moonlight” runs until June 12th) and see these darkly enchanting works as they should be seen, live.

Check out more of Makarov’s work at Mimi Ferzt Gallery.

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