Art of the Day: Roberto Bernardi’s “Le Mie Caramelle”, 2008

  May 15th, 2011



       Roberto Bernardi
       Le Mie Caramelle, 2008, oil on canvas

      I just stumbled across this piece and had to post about it. This is when I love ultrarealism: when the technique goes beyond — escapes from the gravitational pull of — mere mimesis and actually transforms the subject matter into something almost otherworldly (if not outright alien, then simply not quite seeming to belong to our everyday reality). To be specific, there’s something to me about the glossy glass surfaces, the candies’ confusing reflections, and the rich inky black licorice background that makes the piece feel off-kilter, delightfully unlikely. I feel like if I stare long enough, weird twisting alien fingers and tentacles and odd lamprey like creatures will reveal themselves to be hidden in and amongst the cute gumballs & innocent sweetbits. And the absolute blackness makes all these treats seem not like humble confections on some kitchen counter, but more like strange entities floating in the void, colorful emissaries from other planets in clever sugary disguise.
      This piece is so fun to get lost in, so darkly tempting … reminds me of Pan’s Labyrinth, remember? The eyeless beast’s tempting table array? … Go ahead, fill yr pockets, now run.


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