Art of the Day Double: Two by Sky Pape (“The Speed of Life (detail)” and “Untitled (Image DSC3956)”)

  May 22nd, 2011



       Sky Pape
       Untitled (Image DSC3956), 2010, water and Sumi ink on handmade kozo paper
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       Sky Pape
       The Speed of Life (detail), 2006, ink and cut handmade paper
       image source:

      First “Untitled” — I love this diaphanous, evocative piece. It brings to mind marshes, matted fur, microscopic surfaces. There’s the rich dense peace of the swamp and something else, a melancholy of rainy car windows. Much is gained by meditating on this piece, as with so much of this artist’s work. Moods and images keep unfolding.
     The other Pape image presented here, “Speed of Life”, works its way into the subconscious through different methods. No gauziness here, rather lava-lined axons, dendrites and nerve bodies tangling about like superhighways. A desert pebblescape spreads out below, rising up steeply towards a blood object in the top-left corner which the nerves seem to siphon. I also get impressions of vast & secret root networks revealed by a peeling away of topsoil, a rich mycelium suddenly laid bare. What things do you see in Pape’s work?

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