Art of the (Every Other Other) Day: Three Barts (Famicon, Ben Jones, CF)

  June 2nd, 2011


       Bart the General, Episode 1, 2006 (?)



       CF (Chris Forgues)
       Title Unknown, 2009, from “Bart Simpson’s Treehouse of Horrors #15″ (comic book, ed. Sammy Harkham)



       Ben Jones
       Pizza Face Strikes Again, 2005, from “BJ and da Dogs” (book)

     Three Springfields from three different artists. “Bart the General” video (Part 1) from Famicon, artist CF’s Bart-broom Homer stuffing from the famous (very relatively speaking) Kramer’s Ergot-ed “Treehouse of Horror #15″ comic, and a Ben Jones’ (of Paper Rad fame) page from the “BJ and da Dogs” book.
     Gonna shut my mouth now on this one and just ask you to bask, por favor, in the lovely+troubling bootleg-Simpsons glory.

More about CF and his art at

Learn about “BJ and da Dogs” here.

Look up more Bart the General episodes on youtube. & more from Famicon here.

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