Art of the Day: Works by Nacho Carbonell

  June 9th, 2011



       Nacho Carbonell
       from the “Luciferase” collection (detail), 2011



       Nacho Carbonell
       from the “Luciferase” collection, 2011



       Nacho Carbonell
       One man chair from the “Evolution” collection, 2008



       Nacho Carbonell
       from the “Diversity” collection, 2009

     Love Carbonell’s vision & textures, and his artworks’ spirit of playfulness mixed with an alien, knobby, biomorphic 60s Star-Trek prop vibe: A band of hot green radioactive rock candy arcing reptilian, a mutant crocodile’s tail. A lamp like a doughy leg cuff, lined thick with wet moss, looking less like a light-source and more like a disintegrator gun manned by some mid-60s arch-foe of the Fantastic Four. A woolly-bearded TV stand (I think) and seat, both Rip Van Winkled in a sly play on the timehole we can fall into while propped in front of our moving-picture device of choice. And a bench being coughed out of the maw of a spider’s bulbous abdomen. Pieces you want to climb into, walk among+interact with but also keep your distance from. Outstanding work in concept and execution.

Check out more of Carbonell’s work here.

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