Art of the Day: Selections from Hiroshi Sugimoto’s ‘Lightning Fields’ series, 2009

  September 2nd, 2011





       Hiroshi Sugimoto
        Three selections from the Lightning Fields series, 2009, Van de Graaff generator applied to film

     Sugimoto manipulated a device known as a Van de Graaff generator to force hundreds of thousands of volts through film to a metal table to generate these images. Being a science imbecile, I haven’t the faintest clue what that means. All I know is the results are sublime, full of dark magic and ghostly luminescence. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> First the topmost image: I love its faint stippling in the center left, its peeking tree of light at the bottom, the volted bramble at the top right, and that big leaf-lobed swath dominating the centre. The whole piece feels like light shouting a hole in the silent dark. >>>>>>>>>>>>> The middle image is very peculiar to me with its subdued furry/magnetized-filing witch-claw stretches. Something about the textures feels reminiscent of Odilon Redon’s black & white work. I think of woodland bugaboos conjured by druidic ceremonies. Subdued, bristly-rustling, easily the most disturbing of the three for me, maybe because it felt innocuous at first sight/touch. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The last is a perfect composition, the spine of the bolt not quite bisecting the field of vision diagonally, its myriad axions keeping it just enough off true-diagonal to sharpen our visual interest (especially with that little stray upturn of forked crackle on the bottom left). Big lightning-caterpillar swimming through the night, blindly feeding on fear & dreams.

Check out more of Sugimoto’s Lightning Field series at Fraenkel Gallery.


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