Art of the Day: Yin Yanhua, “Pink Sofa 18″, 2006

  September 8th, 2011



       Yin Yanhua
        Pink Sofa 18, 2006, oil on canvas

Cotton Candy cushion explosion. Reminds me of a huge rotted old mushroom cap I found in a field once, purply-brown and upturned. The meat of the cap was dried and tufted like shredded insulation. You toed it and it puffed out its dead spore powder. Pink sofa’s blurry pouf makes me think of that. —————— What else? The initial innocence of a nice pink sofa and how it’s gradually undone: first by its cushions’ frowny sag, then by the way the pink reveals undertones of unhealthy blood-glow, finally by that creepy nimbus of rosewater fog. Or is that fog? Maybe something else: a naked body, mid thrash, post- or mid-coital. Terrific & troubling work.

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