Art of the Day — Sculpture: David Altmejd, “Untitled” (2010)

  September 18th, 2011



       David Altmejd (b. 1974 in Montreal, Canada)
       Untitled, 2010, Foam, epoxy clay, synthetic hair, acrylic paint, mixed minerals including, quartz, calcite, florite

     Part of why this works so well for me is the sheer contrast between this artifact of disturbing ragtag viscera & the sterile museum hues of white and silvergray underneath and behind it. But no matter what the backdrop, this teratoma clump/bust would retain its disturbing & compelling aura, that of something mysteriously alive & about to telepathically mumble something to you in 15 languages at once, morel growth bulging from cranial implosion, ridgecrusts of eyebrow crystal luminescing pink or purple when it gets scared or angry. And that’s all it gets.

More images of Altmejd’s sculpture here at Empty Kingdom.


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